Cindy margolis leighton already dating problems with dating a guy with kids

So I’ve been loving that her Ustream videos had 1000 views up until last week’s, where bitch actually fucking masturbated on cam like the cam whore she is, possibly because her dad never hugged her enough or some shit…or because she wasn’t happy seeing her fame dwindle and even that video only got 30,000 views….proving she’s fucking worthless and no one cares…

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One of the sluts is Miss Trinidad and Tobago named Anya Ayoung Chee and the other is Miss Japan named Hiroko Mima and here are the clips of their threesom, facials, anal and whatever the fuck else went on in the video since I didn’t watch all of it, but I did watch it long enough to notice the same tattoo on one of the girls as in her picture, pretty much proving that it is her, since tattoos are the only way to tell asian people apart. ************************************************************************ VIDEOS REMOVED CUZ I DIDN’T WANT TO GET SUED BUT TRY GOOGLE or THIS SITE ************************************************************************ Here are the pictures of these girls for you to do the comparision yourself and I will anxiously await the lawyers letters to take the shit down, which is all part of the fun of the internet, cuz this shit’s already done the fucking rounds.The world is filled with whores, I’m not too upset about that…. Good times, but not as good of a time as what went down for the photog during the Miss Universe Pageant…There are rumors that the video was actually shopped around by her to boost her career she doesn’t want to see drown, which I think it is safe to say is fact but really who cares about the business behind the shit, let’s focus on what is more important and that is the fact that this shit exists and is getting out there….Seeing any 18 year ass is getting fucked in video that you can buy later today is amazing….especially when it is 18 year olds who are no longer 18 but who we’ve got to know on TV and in Playboy….kinda like reminding us all of what could have been had things panned out different before ruining her vagina with kids….Here is an exclusive clip from Vivid of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape everyone is excited about.

I have no real opinion about this clip mainly because I don’t really like anything about Kendra Wilkinson or her prostitute life other than the fact that she gets naked for money and now has sex for money…and I think more girls should take her lead…cuz I like watching….

A honeymoon sex tape when she was the Playboy chick we all jerked off to was genius…you have to be someone young, semi-known who people are dying to see naked cuz they already see you at all the events and are curious like Paris and Kardashian sex tapes. Shauna Sand was not young, hot or someone people cared about.

She was a Playboy model years ago who turned into a Hollywood joke cuz she’d walk to the streets like the stripper she was.

Anya Ayoung Chee Hiroko Mima I am sure all of you motherfuckers have seen the Shauna Sand Sex Tape , because I know the download link was going around.

I unfortunately have only seen a few clips of the shit, but I hear she takes a facial, because I guess dead bodies don’t say no and you can do whatever you want with them, at least that’s what my mortician friend once told me.

Pics via Fame So there was a Carmen Electra sex tape that hit a few weeks ago.