Cities with high interracial dating

Asked why the proportion of visible minorities entering mixed unions tends to go down when the size of their ethno-cultural group goes up in a city, Faizal Sahukhan said, “Many people who are immigrants to Canada want to preserve homogeneity when their children begin to marry.”The Stats Can report seems to bear that out.Almost half of the people in mixed unions in Canada “had one or more common mother tongue.” Nationally, the ratio of couples in mixed unions in Canada is only about half of that in the U.Of the 352,000 couples involving Chinese people in Canada, 19 per cent were in mixed unions, and of the 407,000 involving South Asians, 13 per cent were in mixed unions.

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S., where eight per cent of couples are inter-ethnic.Despite high immigration rates to Canada, marriage habits are changing slowly.Statistics Canada released a report Tuesday showing 9.6 per cent of Metro Vancouver’s couples are made up of partners from different ethnic backgrounds.That means 51,375 couples out of 536,000 in Metro Vancouver are in mixed unions.African American women are less likely to marry outside of their race.

Women marry someone of another race approximately 12% of the time.

Tina Chui, a senior immigration researcher for Statistics Canada, said a key reason Metro Vancouver has the highest ratio of couples in mixed unions is the city’s relatively strong ethnic Japanese population.

Metro Vancouver has one third of the country’s ethnic Japanese, at 28,000.

The total number of mixed unions in Canada in 2011 was 360,000, or 4.6 per cent of the population.

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Non-whites make up more than 45 per cent of residents in each metropolis.