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The free membership does not allow you to do anything, so the only option presented by the website is a 6-month membership fee (which will cost you about 0).

I spent over an hour answering all these questions and uploading profile photos and a few photos of landscapes I had taken (since photography is one of my hobbies).

They really need white hackers to test their site, because it's horrible. I agree with the majority of the folks who have given this site low reviews.

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Every few days all my photos would disappear, no reason given by the website.

There is no support on the website to ask why my profile keeps getting changed and deleted.

My daily matches that were sent to me by Our Time would disappear after I said yes!

About 2 weeks ago noticed couldn't sign into my account, verified all was correct and would take several attempts.

Oh yeah, I've also been a 45 year old Latina, a 71 year man, a 30 year old gamer and I don't know what my profile looks like now since I can't even get into it.

With this type of security I worry that the hackers will really get into their database and steal my data.I signed up for this website a three days ago, completed ALL the questions, set my criteria for height and age range. Guys who fall instantly in love and eventually ask for money... The worst part of the whole experience was finding out that the site was sending out messages on my behalf. The cons is that there are quite a bit of scammers, but they seem to follow the same pattern.Received a few emails, responded and asked questions. The matches that were selected for me, didn't meet any of my criteria, age, fitness, height. I noticed in my mailbox a lot of replies and when I clicked to open there were messages sent to guys that I hadn't done! Rode out the rest of my one month membership, and exchanged emails with a few men I thought sounded genuine... First they exchange a couple of emails with you, then they either ask for your email address or cell (don't fall for this) or they send this long email of how much they love you and age and distance should keep lovers apart or some such nonsense.Everyday they will email you with "so-called" matches, every person I was matched with looked like local gang-members or men in prison.I make a six-figure salary (and am highly educated) and I am being matched with men who have completed some high-school and appear to be unemployed. I cancelled my subscription within about a week, but never received a refund from Our Was hacked 4 times, received several email messages with Our Time logo claiming my sex preferences, etc was changed and to contact them.