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But their developing relationship didn’t last for long, as her and Tony soon started dating after Colleen pointed out that Roman was similiar to Kim – perhaps too similiar.With Reverand Hall missing from the hospital and possible danger ahead for Geoff and Annie, Roman volunteered to stay the night at Irene’s to keep watch.It wasn’t your usual date, with Morag also present, but the evening was enjoyable and ended in a pash.

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Describing him as a ”ticking time bomb”, Roman devised a plan to change Aden’s attitude towards Miles.Roman told him about Miles’ ordeal in Phuket, which resulted in Aden saying he’d never get on his bad side again now that he knew what Miles had been through.However, Annie managed to sneak out in the middle of the night, causing a frantic situation in the morning.But ex-SAS officer Roman managed to cool the situation down, even with Reverand Hall hanging over the edge of a cliff!Roman volunteers as an outsider voice to get through to Annie now that she won't even listen to Geoff anymore.

He suspects, rightly, that she's lying all of a sudden to 'remember' Aden got her drunk and molested her.

Enlisting Roman and Irene’s help, Leah started on plans for a new Diner and a drop-in centre for kids in need of a place to go.

Taking a look around Roman’s place, Martha came across a picture of Roman with his arms around a young blonde girl.

One of the last things you’d expect to happen having just gone into a new business venture is for it to literally come crashing down around you.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Roman when the Diner was set for demolition.

Roman’s kind and helpful nature soon came into force again – this time with Annie.