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(By default, the used range is selected for each worksheet) See screenshot:4. Then specify the worksheets that you want to combine and also you can click button to select the range that you want to use.Who it's for: Anyone currently using Microsoft Excel, or anyone who wants to learn how!What it is: Excel is a popular Microsoft application that organizes and analyzes data.For general users, we couldn’t finish it except using copy and paste command, it is easy to combine few worksheets, but if there are numerous worksheets, this method will be time-consuming.

Today, I will talk about some quick tricks for you to solve this problem. Supposing you have two workbooks need to be merged, and the worksheets have not same structures, as following screenshots shown, in this case, Kutools for Excel’s Combine tool also can solve this problem. Maybe the above VBA code has some limitations for you, Kutools for Excel’s Combine utility can help you merge worksheets from a workbook or multiple workbooks quickly and easily, whether they have the same structures or not. After finishing the settings, click Finish button to combine the worksheets, and then you can open the combined workbook directly by clicking Yes. And you will be asked if you want to save this scenario, If you want to save this scenario, please click Yes, and enter the name of the scenario, (see following screenshot), and when you want to use this scenario, you just only need to click Scenario button to choose the name of the scenario you need on step2 wizard. After specify the worksheets and ranges, then continue to click Next button, on step3 of wizard, do the following settings as your need, and see screenshot:5.We are unable to offer a Certificate of Completion because it is an ever-evolving course that is not designed to be completed. Start your free month on Linked In Learning, which now features 100% of courses.