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A Storytelling Miscellany Activities Articles - Articles: story in education - Articles: story in healing and health Background Resources - The Fool Books, Magazines and Recordings - Magazines and Newsletters Children's Literature Cultural Traditions of Storytelling Digital Storytelling Favourite Storytelling Websites History of Stories and Storytelling - Classic Stories - Studies and Projects Homepages - Festivals and Events - Organizations - Storytellers How to Tell Stories Links pages Special Interests - Applying Storytelling - Organizational Storytelling - Storytelling and Education - Storytelling and Healing - Narrative Therapy Story Art and Illustration Storytelling FAQ material Tools and References Training - College Courses - Improvisation Aaron Shepard's Storytelling Page Aaron, a much-published children's author of folktale adaptations offers Tales & Tips on How to Tell a Story, including Gifts of Story - some great traditional tales; An online guide to storytelling; Articles on storytelling; Recommended reading in storytelling, folklore, and mythology - a good selection.Aristotle's Rhetoric This ancient book is still revered for its thorough and perceptive examination of the art of persuasion and oral speech making.Probably the biggest collection of storytelling resources on the web, annotated and categorised for easy reference.

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Myth*ing Links An adventure of a site, full of treasures, by Kathleen Jenks.Described as An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions.For comprehensive links to stories themselves, go to Story Links.This regularly expanding list is updated to 31/10/2003.Eldrbarry's Story Telling Page A major resource, by Barry Mc Williams.

Pages on favorite stories and their background, a Raven resource, profiles of favorite story authors and illustrators, helps on finding, selecting and learning stories; a manual of effective storytelling, links to other sites with help on techniques, online story resources; and tips on Bible stories. Encyclopedia Mythica: Mythology, Folklore, and Legends An essential resource.Mythic Crossroads: Myths and Legends Huge and excellent site, with comprehensive links to mythology sites and resources, divided into British, Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Norse and Other links, plus history sites too.Myths and Legends One of the best resources, Christopher Siren's epic site has detailed annotations of more weblinks than you could ever eat, regularly updated, and divided geographically into cultures. Nasreddin Hodja Erol Beymen's whole site about the popular wise fool. Over seventy short tales are categorised by subject.But this is not a plain collection of links - note the 'Annotated & Illustrated'.There are many beautiful illustrations (making pages slow to download), and a great deal of content - commentary, site reviews, essays.Dramatas An interesting resource from youth drama classes, but marred by the website being totally broken.