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Nick meets a man who lives on the River Thames and a photographer who creates digital visions of London in the future.Ashlie and Stephen are going north this time, to the beautiful historic city of York.

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Stephen is thinking of trying his hand at archaeology, but Ashlie wants to go shopping!

They visit the Jorvik museum to find out what York looked - and smelled - like a thousand years ago, and Stephen tries to persuade Ashlie to go digging for...

Nick finds out what Blackpool has to offer people in search of traditional and modern seaside entertainment.

In this episode, Ashlie and Stephen are all set to go to the beach with their two young cousins, Ellie and Joe.

In this episode, Stephen and Ashlie have a friend called Jazz visiting from abroad.

They take Jazz on a trip around London to see the sights and famous places.Meanwhile, Amandeep does meet one happy couple, and Word on the Street are guests on a very special day – their wedding!Ashlie and Stephen are off to Northern Ireland, the smallest part of the United Kingdom.The carnival is organised and led by Caribbean immigrants who settled in the area in the 1950s.In this episode, Ashlie and Stephen visit the ancient city of Oxford.Joe meets some of Britain’s brightest young business... In this episode Stephen has a new job; he's playing Shakespeare.