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A full life and a medical career brings wisdom and experience. I have grey hair but plenty of it and a charismatic presence.

I tend to be honest and expressive so people always know where they stand with me: I am only driven to incandescent rage by those who despoil beauty and thus most examples of modern architecture.

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I told him to get out of my room as I tried to cover my tits but he pushed me on my back and spread my legs.By this time both my breasts and my pussy was exposed to my step brother.I am a well practiced listener; I do not have an ego problem so neither should you and I do not need status symbols to prop up an inadequate or vain ego.If you are bored stiff by the illiteracy on this site then I offer the opposite; cultured, intelligent, adventurous, well mannered and able to hold a riveting conversation.I am looking for a relationship and it will evolve in the direction that is most interesting for both of us.

For those wanting to explore, there is plenty of room for fun, intimacy, comfort and conversation in such a relationship. If it could be interpreted as incongruous to love classical music, enthuse over rococco art, plant trees, converse on most subjects and be generally disdainful of sport, then I am incongruous, although I prefer to see myself as cultured.

Update and Delete are something you could add to chat rooms as well.

My sexy naked body gave him a tremendous hard-on as he fondled my thighs and ass!

If you share these things then we will have a very good time indeed! For those possibly put off by my username, do not think for a second I am interested in age play, incest play or such like. If you do not know, the Daddydom/Little One is a psychological dynamic of caring and wisdom between a wise mature man and a young or less experienced woman of any age willing to learn what he has to to teach, and a nurturing and protective attitude means you can leave all your responsibilities, indeed the world, behind while you are with me. I am my age - after all a wannabe Daddydom your age or younger would be a little eccentric!

But what I do offer is a chance to explore your limits or something different.

If I do have time, I will write an article about the functions that come with Meteor.