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It was in the 19th century that Charles Darwin put forth the theory of Natural Selection that is widely accepted by scientists and the general public.Charles Darwin conducted extensive research on plants and animals in order to study the process of evolution.In the study, he identified varied species of Finches that differed in their beak shape and size.

The following article provides information about this theory.

Darwin's theory of natural selection is an important landmark in the evolutionary process and the origin of species.

It was his study on birds in the Galápagos Islands (eastern Pacific Ocean) that made him realize the basic concept of evolution.

He noticed that birds inhabiting different islands had slight difference in their features.

In simpler terms, they were modified for better access to food, thus increasing their survival rate for reproduction.

For example, a species that possessed beak was best-suited for consuming thorny plants and had better chances of surviving in the arid areas than others.

Eventually, after many generations, the genetic traits or features become more common.

Thus, a population evolves which consists of only the favorable traits.

Darwin's theory of natural selection states that nature selects organisms that have features favorable for their survival, while eliminating inferior species.

Natural selection is a key to the origin of new species from the existing ones.

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