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Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge Meeting your date at a classy bar is romantic, but can also be nerve-wracking.If fancy is not your thing, and you want to steer clear of the rowdy bunch in LKF, Honi Honi is your best bet for casual dates.It’s not like drinks or dinner are even conducive to creating chemistry.

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Foxglove serves delectable cocktails, namely the New York Sour made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, lemon, sugar, egg white and claret float.While you sip on your tipples and marvel at the glamorous interiors, the jazz music will set in and you’ll know the date will be a hit…By joining our Hong Kong dating site you can end your search for a partner right here.We have simplified the dating process by making it possible for our members to access our member profiles and photo galleries.Located slap bang in the heart of Central, but away from the cluster of bars and nightspots, Honi Honi gives off a beachy, laid-back vibe with its funky shelves filled with tiki mugs, thatch roofs and tiki torches.

And the cosy outdoor patio is where you can get more intimate with your date.At Hong Kong our main concern is to help you find that perfect Hong Kong date.Our dating service has been created to assist men and women from Hong Kong in finding the partners they desire.You can’t help wondering if that person who’s been flirtatious over Whats App is real.And even worse, you’ve got the added pressure to choosing the perfect bar for the date.We’ve all been there, just minutes after decking yourself out, the first-date jitters start to creep in.