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Ben begs Danny to find out if Sam is interested in dating him but she thinks Danny is asking for himself.Zoey would like Tucker to help her with Ben but he misunderstands.

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After seeing signs that Danny still had a crush on Riley, Amy breaks up with him. They meet through Riley and started off as just rebounds for each other but then soon began a relationship.

Their relationship was put into jeopardy when Riley started having feelings for Danny, but Danny ultimately chooses Robyn over her.

Bonnie Wheeler (Mother) Ray Wheeler (Father) Ben Wheeler (Brother) Emma Wheeler (Niece/God Daughter)Betty Wheeler (Great Aunt) Unnamed Grandmother Unnamed Sister Brad (Ex husband non romantic/Step-Father) Unnamed son (with Riley Perrin) Daniel Mellencamp "Danny" Wheeler (born October 29, 1987) is the brother of Ben, who, in his twenties, becomes a surprise uncle to a baby girl left on his doorstep by his brother's ex-girlfriend Angela.

Danny, along with his mother Bonnie, and Ben's close friends Tucker In the Pilot, Danny moves in with his brother Ben and his friend Tucker, after being traded from the Nashville Predators professional hockey team to the New York Rangers.

Ray now lives in Florida with his boyfriend, Steve. Danny is a very fun uncle who teaches her tricks at times.

Danny can also be protective of her as seen in "Flirty Dancing" Danny is seen teaching Emma how to dance and saying the guy always leads and if the guy's hand slips any lower that her back Danny said to call him so he can break the guys hand. she is a funny baby that i love so much but ben is the bast he is so cute Amy was Danny's girlfriend.This puts a big hole in Robyn and Riley's friendship, when Robyn tells Riley to "back off".Danny breaks up with Robyn at the beginning of Season 4 after he meets Ashley, a hockey fan-girl of his.Meanwhile, Bonnie wakes up handcuffed to a magician. They both have competed for the heart of Riley over the seasons. He has had a crush on her ever since they were kids but she doesn't know it.Although Danny has always been in love with Riley and it breaks his heart to see her and his brother together, Danny always acts in their best interests and tries to support their relationship in exchange for their happiness. They were on the same lacrosse team and he wrote about her in his journal showing he has been in love with her since childhood.After shocking Riley, she pretends to not remember and faint. Danny then talks to Riley and asks her to "Marry Me... At the end of season 5 Riley reveals she is pregnant with his child. Tucker knows that Danny has a crush on Riley but keeps it a secret and avoids letting Riley find out.