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Butch is a two year WHAT veteran and avid world traveler.

Formerly a cartographer in the DC area, Butch hung up the daily commute last April and decided it was time to check out the world for himself.

Former tree feller and backcountry snowboarder, Tommy is a Colorado native and three year veteran of WHAT.

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Rugged, adventurous, and colorful, Tommy embodies every sense of his nickname like the state itself; traits that have made him a crowd favorite everywhere he goes.A local legend, Wiley resides on an island in the middle of the Currituck sound and commutes via boat to work (weather and good water permitting).Every day, we strive to work with passion, creativity and honesty.Since 1995, we have worked as lender, investment banker and/or developer on well over B.I am personally involved in all that we do here and am directly reachable by phone or e-mail at any time.

This website will provide you with a history of all that we’ve accomplished, dating back to the early ’80’s.Wiley grew up hunting, surfing, and cruising these very beaches long before the town of Corolla was even a thought and has been with the company from its point of inception.His lifetime wealth of knowledge and epic stories make him a character as salty as the Outer Banks themselves.These legendary horses are a unique breed of horse due to their long history on the Outer Banks dating bank to the early 1500s.You will have the opportunity to see this amazing example of adaptation in their natural settings, on the beach, dunes and Maritime forests. in 1995, after a 15-year career as an award-winning developer and nationally-ranked general contractor.