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There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman being an attention whore … The more hardcore party girl will always drink excessively whenever there is either really good or really bad news.

You are more likely to get a provocatively-dressed party girl into bed sooner versus any other type of woman – so keep that in mind! Party girls love to party – even if you are not always available to go with her. Having a lot of sex – especially during the first few months of a new relationship – is quite common when you are dating a party girl. These party girls require a lot of sex because they need attention, and there is nothing wrong with that!She may go out and party several times each week – sometimes with you, sometimes with her party girl girlfriends, etc. 6) Your first sexual encounter with her happened on the first or second date. And since they typically are partying with alcohol, their inhibitions are diminished … When I look back at all the various party girls I have dated in my own past, I had sex with every single one of them on either the first or second date. If you do not already know what it is like to date a party girl, then I hope you discover how much fun they are to date.So, I want you to ask yourself: WHY do you want to get drunk this weekend? What's really going on in that beautiful head of yours that is making you want to escape yourself for a night? But my weekends are my time to catch up on the things that I love doing and come Friday and Saturday night, I'm keen to just put on my PJ's, get a good movie and chill out (boyfriend or no boyfriend -- my dog is a pretty good cuddler, too).I just as happily catch up with a soul sister for dinner and head home afterwards.How many times a week do you find yourself thinking that or saying it out loud to your friends?

I used to say it at least three times a week and I couldn't even tell you the amount of times I'd think it.

As a midlife bachelor, it is your duty to entertain these party girl women. Here are the I’ve personally dated a lot of party girls plus I currently have a bunch of party girl female friends – and I’d say this list is fairly complete.

Not all party girls display all seven characteristics – but I’d say if your date or girlfriend has five or more of those seven then she is without question a party girl. 1) She is under the influence of something every time you go out.

Rather I mean that she drinks more than minimally … Being under the influence can also refer to drugs – one of my female friend party girls is always taking Vicodin, and then drinks two or three drinks. Don’t overdo it though – else you yourself might just become annoying.

When I told her that she was a party girl, she was offended – which I found hilarious. Party girls are often Attention Whores – women who need a lot of attention, praise, reinforcement, etc. 3) Whenever something good or bad happens, she gets wasted.

Some people may miss "funny drunk Erin," but the ones that do are the ones who still go out every weekend and hide their pain with drunk smiles.