Dating a girl with no friends

The funniest part of this is a lot of the time, they will be very upset if they are actually treated like the guys treat each other.

Couple this with nerdy girls who, growing up, have interests and hobbies that don't align with the typical middle or high school girl.

My male friends know how to be gentlemen when the need arises, and they don't see anything negative about that.

More broadly, for every woman who claims that she likes men better because they are "less catty" or "more low maintenance" or anything else that describes an entire gender, I want to throw your casual sexism back in your face, and I mean this with all the hostility it carries.

In what world do you think you and your achievements should be respected by men if you think you as a person are an anomaly for your gender (because clearly you find yourself not catty and high maintenance)?

We do not just sit around and talk about our feelings, we don't limit our activities to getting a manicure and then brunch, and we do not spend afternoons bitching about other people, to the exception of everything else.

Shockingly enough I tend to do the same things with them as I would with my guy friends.

This isn't to say, incidentally, that every woman whose friends are mostly men is dysfunctional or has poor social skills.

This is just what seems to be the case much of the time.-----Two years later, I want to come back to this and expound upon some complaints, some counter arguments, and some additional thoughts: I've since found some wonderful girlfriends, an entire gaggle of girlfriends, a whole group of girls that I go out with and hang out with and talk to and do things with, so I've become quite lucky in that respect.It's liking being the unicorn that answer (I think this is like the third time I've referenced that; sorry, Anne; I really love it, it's so appropriate).Other women use the excuse that men are more "low maintenance" to not have to put any effort into any relationship with people whatsoever. I don't want to have to deal with my friend's emotional problems, so I'm going to find people who don't have emotional problems at me.In short, that you, woman, are amazing but others are likely not?It's troubling that you seem to want to be respected in spite of some part of yourself, than inclusive of it.There are some girls who happen to be friends with mostly boys for environmental reasons: had all brothers growing up, played a lot of sports at the boys' competitive level, and never bothered making girlfriends after making her initial social group in elementary and middle school.