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Traditional dating sites like and e Harmony have always been a hard sell on college campuses, where the incredible density of young single people all living in the same buildings makes turning to the Internet to find love seem unnecessary and old-fashioned.

But now, a new breed of dating services is making headway with this younger and more carefree demographic.

These days getting electives are also getting tough. Once you are done you will be having hands-on clinical experience which helps you in smooth transition into residency.

But you wont get any degree here that you have done electives but, Some LORs(Letter Of Recommendations).

For these list of programs,1to "Choose specialty" the "Now you have to contact the individual programs.

Indian Doctors who came to US back in 70's 80's have done radiology and some competetive specialties. Those who want to do residency and then other blogs..Obtaining a medical license and being certified as a medical specialist by an ABMS Member Board are two different and separate processes.A license, legally required in order to treat patients, is issued and required by the state or territory in which a doctor practices medicine.All decisions regarding acceptance of USMLE results and/or licensure eligibility are made by the individual state medical boards of the United States.It is important to note that eligibility to sit for the USMLE Step 3 for a specific state medical board does not automatically signify your eligibility for medical licensure in that jurisdiction.Even you dont have to go through all the ERAS process.(For ERAS go through my other blogs).