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You're always grounded, because your mom and dad used you to "make an example." You're used to being the annoying "problem child."All middle children are well aware that it is our lot in life to receive the short end of the proverbial stick. We're regularly the butt of every joke, and our siblings like to gang up on us. Though most people think that middle children are actually followers, we're actually leaders. We get along with all kinds of people, so we have friends from all walks of life.

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Is it really true that middle children cause more problems?That firstborns are more responsible but also a bit uptight?You know what is going to force you to develop a personality? When you're not praised constantly or fawned over for being "the baby" -- when you're just kind of floating around without notice -- you're forced to make people pay attention to you. A middle child doesn't get off on being told how special or wonderful he or she is.Middle children are the ones with the most pizzazz. When you're a middle child, you basically have to jump into the deep end or sit in the background. There is something about being a middle child that will always leave you with very little leverage with the folks. ” line -- and we certainly couldn't say, “But I'm your baby! We make people see our worth through our strengths. They’re also often very organized and prefer to be in charge, which produces success in academics and career.

What it Means for Your Relationship The good news for a firstborn when it comes to relationships, then, is that they’re most likely reliable.

That youngest kids are going to remain the babies in the family?

And if so, what would any of this have to do with dating and relationships?

You may be sitting in the bitch seat on this ride called life, but you're not going to be anyone's bitch.

A middle child doesn't f*ck around when it comes to fighting.

And we also can't be cute babies who get away with everything. But we middle children know that we're the strongest of them all. Like Jan in "The Brady Bunch," we may be unappreciated and constantly put down, but we're the most badass.