Dating a person with adhd

Being surrounded by piles of unfolded clothes overwhelmed me, and that feeling just shuts my brain down — it always has.

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That’s kind of the way every day of my life goes, though — I’m not only newly single, I also have ADHD.And if we’re sticking with the language metaphor, having ADHD is like speaking a language even don’t understand.That might mean talking to a trusted friend or a counselor with great insight before taking your relationship to the next level.You’re a rare breed, and not everyone is prepared to deal with your earnestness, your passion, and your drive.Dating after divorce is hard enough, but it can be even more intimidating to have to also explain my ADHD to every potential new partner.

But I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge!Sometimes it’s the simple things that can really undo you.Eventually the relationship turned abusive, and I had to leave in order to keep myself safe.After all, we were both fighting some of the same battles, right? For me, two adults struggling with ADHD meant flaring tempers, impatience, and messiness.There was the time when we were attempting to co-parent his children from a previous relationship.They lived in a different county, which meant a lot of travel time when it was our turn to have the kids. For a person with ADHD who needs structure and organization in order to function, this setup was impossible to maintain. Living with my ADHD and being married to someone with ADHD meant that there was always a mess to clean up.