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” His Sunday school teacher mom’s response was simple: ‘God doesn’t make mistakes.’ Parrow is proud to be engaged to the man he loves and happy with the way is career is going.

‘But when you’re wrestling in the backwoods of like Georgia, I have come across a couple of guys that…

I wouldn’t say were uncomfortable wrestling with me, but there has been the odd comment. So, I will go up to them and say, “If you have a problem, we can discuss this.” I don’t let it sit and roll off me, and maybe sometimes I should but, I do like to address things.

‘Something just said, “You know what: Try this.” The worst that could happen is you just don’t like it, you know? But the older I got, the harder it got for me to have any kind of emotional relationship with a woman. I’d be like, “Listen, I just don’t think you’re pretty.” And I was kind of mean to some women. And I wish sometimes I could have that back.’ Parrow thought moving to Florida would be his opportunity to explore his sexuality. ‘I learned you can get very much masculine shamed in the gay community as of late, which is really weird, but it happens. ‘And I’m a big guy, so when I get angry, I kind of scare people! ‘I went to a bar with friends to play pool, and he was sitting at the bar by himself. And it was the first time in my life I was absolutely ‘I said to myself, “If you want this to work, you need to stop being so scared.

Law school’s always going to be there.’ Although his family were surprised by his decision, he sought out a wrestling school and committed himself to a year-long course. ‘I was about 330lbs when I came too wrestling school, and I hadn’t been working out in a while, so it was a little bit harder for me. So everything I’ve ever done in my life, I’ve set goals for myself. gay culture was extremely effeminate and that was what was on TV. ‘And so that put me further back in the closet than going forward. I’d purposefully be mean because it’s a protection mechanism that I’ve built into myself – “Don’t let people close because that way they can’t find out anything else about you.” At his lowest point he contemplated suicide. Basically, it was just them saying, “We’re going to set you up with girls and that’s what you’re going to like” ‘What, all of a sudden? You need to start being you.” ‘He called me back and I said, “We’ll start all over and I promise we’ll go out on a real date.

It’s the reason he wears the number 49: in memory of the 49 people who died. ” ‘One of the girls that lost her life, she told me, “You don’t understand. You do have a voice and you need to show people, especially with what you do, that it’s OK to be gay.” ‘She herself played basketball.

She said, “When you’re a kid, it’s very hard to tell your friends that you’re gay because there’s really no role models for young, gay athletes, because everything you see on TV is stereotypical.

People will throw slurs around left and right, so I just address it when I feel like it’s gone too far.

Maybe it’s not towards me, but if it’s gone too far, I will address them.

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Also out to catch the exclusive screening were Victoria's most fabulous socialites Janet Roach, Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger of the Real Housewives Of Melbourne as well as Australian comedian Magda Szubanski.

‘I had a couple of friends that I went to college with, and they knew that I had a passion for professional wrestling, and they had said, “Why don’t you give it a go? ‘Gay men can be the meanest, cruelest people you’ve ever met in your life. ” ‘The psychiatrist is like, “That’s something you fiancé, Morgan. Couple of days later, he was in the supermarket and this big weirdo followed him around the supermarket. ‘We then went on the worst date ever, cos I have no idea how to talk to guys.