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In such moments, you want a community of media buyers to be next to you. Because those are the only people who are able to understand what you’re talking about.

Cost: Free Language: Russian Most popular topics: diverse Now here’s one of the best forums of CPA world! You’ll have to go through the application process all over again.

CPAClub is a forum that positions itself as a closed VIP community of Russian-speaking super affiliates. In order to be part of this forum club, you don’t only need to get the right to enter: You must also actively participate in the club’s life. Info: CPA marketing forums can be tough but it’s really worth the hassle! If there happens to be something wrong, these guys go all in and fix it super fast!

This is where super affiliates come to get their knowledge.

These are guys who started exploring this forum years ago and who now share their own tips for users to succeed in affiliate marketing.

This is what usually happens in a community for affiliates. To make sure the forum’s guidelines are being respected and to kill trolling remarks and rude comments.

Besides, there are some special people lurking in the online shadows. The Moderator is a person who is employed by the forum owners and who is responsible for the well-being of the forum and for maintaining its atmosphere. They read an affiliate marketing thread and analyze the relationships among all participants. They also check the quality and quantity of the content. To actually reduce the number of spammy affiliate marketing threads.There’s always a similar directory structure with categories listed.These will be split consistently into concrete themes and specific discussions.They offer sweet affiliate marketing techniques, some new methods, and they also give you the help and the motivational support you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. These are the centralized locations for topical discussion at a large scale in differentiated and – at times – highly-specialized ways.You’ll be able to find forums for anyone: Mothers, housewives, IT specialists, fans of “Game of Thrones”, gamers, sports cars collectors, wandering travelers, devoted bodybuilders, etc. Big Boards has a listing of thousands of online forums which can be sorted by size and popularity.They’re the ones keeping the content organized and making sure that the threads created by users are located in specific thematic divisions.