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Art can be moving, insightful, powerful, but entertaining? Well, at least not the kind of entertainment that will have a girl thinking about you while she lies in bed. Only like 1 or 2 people out of 100 are capable of a positive outlook. I think it's amazing when someone is creative and can use their imagination to make something no one else has. Dating someone who shares the same/similar talent is like finding someone who can give you a different perspective to your own creativity and artistic abilities and being able to give them a new view too. my dad can draw and i've envied his *skills*...hehehehhee. *i'm not that great*, i think they just saw a *style* to my work...i have no idea. i feel like such an amatuer compared to them.anywho..blah blah...i was *talking* to some1 artistic. he has a gf now] that time, i was feeling a bit intimidated.

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Have many hobbies, volunteer work, and a t-shirt biz as well as other interests in the art world.Looking for an equal, and someone who is down to earth and pionate.Petra Collins looked positively princess-esque when she attended the Harper's Bazaar Icons party last year, rocking a dress from the SS17 collection.We love the flattering midi length, gold embroidery and cape effect on this tulle creation. If your wardrobe is one little black dress after another and you want to switch things up a bit, then don't be afraid to embrace pale colours like cream or nude.I'm very creative and make some really beautiful things. I'm doing some very innovativethings that have never been done before. I cannot predict the future and what it holds for me. Read all the ads and you’ll find that nearly all have one thing in common..all want someone who can make them laugh. Why they don’t all just hangout at the local comedy club is beyond me.

I wish I could meet a really creative girl, I haven't knownany thus far. Because of their passion for their art, some gravitate to women to support them and their artistic lifestyle. I also don't want a preacher or church leaders who do this full time for this reason. I make really cool stuff that wil be very popular one day! But seriously...bottom line is that women want to be entertained.

It may be coincidence but it may also be because the 25-year-old songstress has been good friends with Aniston for a lot longer.

She once credited the Friends alum for giving her lots of maternal advice.

He insists that they’re just 'friends,' but he seems obsessed with her, and Jen isn’t buying it.'The pair apparently connected on the New York art scene and 'hit it off right away', the source added.

Last month the actor tagged Petra in one of his Instagram photos shortly before his split from Aniston was announced.

The romance rumors come after actress Olivia Munn was forced to deny she's dating the Wanderlust star.