Dating backpacker

If you ever find yourself with someone like that, you should cling onto them like a parasite.Backpackers go on some of the wildest adventures, which become great stories.

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If someone ever approached us and asked why we would date a backpacker, we would whip out our phones, search #backpacker, and let the backpackers of Instagram speak for themselves.

The real question here is why wouldn’t you date a backpacker?

Following on number five — backpackers appreciate the finer things too. “Going through the most” refers to dealing with some of the most stressful ordeals — and these happen to backpackers all the time. All of these have one thing in common — and that’s being open to something new or different.

From finding out that their accommodation is not what they saw online, (or not finding accommodation at all) to having their belongings stolen or running out of cash, backpackers open themselves to the possibility of literally being lost, and that shows bravery — a trait we know we would appreciate in our partners. Dating a backpacker means having someone who won’t shoot down every one of your ideas (unless it’s really bad).

Even though they usually have small budgets and earn peanuts on their trips, backpackers have a knack for making the most out of the least.

If you have a backpacking boyfriend/girlfriend, then you should be well aware that creating the most thrilling adventures out of a couple of bucks is a talent — and the hopeless romantic in you will always be satisfied.If you date a backpacker, you won’t be on call 24/7 for basic needs (but you should make yourself available — because that’s what a good bae does).BONUS: He/she can also cook/clean/repair/maintain for themselves.If they know the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation, they are keepers.Most people have many ideas and things they’d love to do at some stage in their lives. For backpackers, the time is always right — they dive right into their wishes and drop life for a month to go on a trip.Many backpackers go on travel escapades with the intention to speak to the people of the region that they are visiting.