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A group of hand-built, archaic-looking standing female figures from 2016 is a surprise in this show, not least for Polseno’s use of unglazed Georgia brick clay in tandem with decorative glazed areas.

You can see that Polseno, who has spent her summers in Italy since 2007, has a familiarity with Etruscan ceramics.

Beckley became one of the group of “narrative” artists (a term he coined), who mixed photographs with text. Bed, a space in the same building that Oliver runs with horticultural designer Bryan Hoffman, are offering an encyclopedic group show of works on paper called “International Variety.” Some standouts include works by Ava Blitz, Collin Paul Burns, Nick Cassway, Victor Grasso, George W.

It’s fascinating to see their influence on such Pictures Generation artists as Richard Prince, and on Jeff Koons, who saw them in Beckley’s 1978 solo show at Mo MA, when Koons was working as a guard there. (One of the works in this show is on loan from Koons). Through April 20 at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, University of the Arts, 333 S. Remember when I did that post a little while back on Emory Upton and the military policy of the U. Well, when I was visiting my friend Dan, Civil War Historian and author extraordinaire, he also let me photograph a few things involving his family history. His Great Grandmother’s, this floral patterned and slightly chipped sugar bowl sat in the center of the family’s dinner table for years, or at least as long as Dan can remember.A process called "reflowing" is used in which two glazes are combined at high temperatures to create a "free flow" effect. Blue Mountain Pottery exported many pieces to the United States, Great Britain, the Caribbean and Australia.

The company was based in Collingwood, Ontario from 1947 to 2004.“When Donna and Ellen met, it was clearly not as strangers.” In 1970, on the heels of earning an M. At Tyler, he had studied with the legendary Italo Scanga, who introduced him to Bruce Nauman, Dan Flavin, Sol Le Witt, and then-Whitney curator Marcia Tucker. Tucker had already seen to it that Beckley’s work was included in the first conceptual art show in the United States, “Art in the Mind,” in 1969. In New York, he joined with Gordon Matta-Clark, Rafael Ferrer, Barry Le Va, Alan Saret, and others to organize the first, much-talked-about exhibition at the 112 Greene Street Workshop. All are stalwart, modestly scaled, and hypnotically self-contained.Polseno is as much illustrator as potter, decorating her porcelain bowls and vases with delicate images of birds and flower blossoms.They’re solid, simple forms made to serve a function — a pitcher, a vase, a teapot, cups.