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For starters, don't become too reliant on one another."It's really important not to put all your eggs in one basket," says Whitman."Often, people make the mistake of giving up all their other relationships just because they're living with someone.But resist the urge to bite her head off., prefers a gentler, more constructive approach.

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When she found out he didn't want to marry her, she was heartbroken."Like it or not, when you move in with your girlfriend, you're sending a message: "I'm ready to settle down." Unless you've made it clear that living together is not a formal engagement, she's likely to think there's a diamond ring in her immediate future.Your Problems are Wedlocked Live-in couples have to deal with many of the same issues spouses do.She makes a weird noise while she sleeps; you fart with abandon."One way to soften the blow is to try living together for a spell before you actually move in," Levkoff advises."Just make sure it's a normal, mundane week so you'll get a real feel for what the morning rush is like, what the dishwashing situation is like."The key, no matter how long you've been living together: When confronted with one of those fingernails-on-the-chalkboard-of-life moments, don't let it slide.You need to spend time apart to appreciate the time you spend together." Live and Learn—Together You may discover, as I did, that your girlfriend's good qualities more than make up for her uselessness as a mover.

Or you may find that her insistence on replacing the toilet-paper roll so it feeds from the bottom is too much for you to take. Find a way to get over, through, or around every obstacle and your relationship may evolve into something even more wonderful than convenient sex."There's a misconception that people who cohabit never want to get married," says Whitman. I think, on the contrary, they want to make sure they have only one marriage.

"We interviewed a woman who assumed that moving in with her boyfriend was an engagement," Whitman recalls.

"But she never actually spoke to her boyfriend about it.

Yes, that gorgeous lady is still in there somewhere, but now you'll have to get acquainted with the stinky chick who just came home from the gym, and the testy woman who's too preoccupied with the Weiner account to succumb to your frisky antics. Your Sex Life Will Change Not every night will end with the two of you naked, sticky, and sweaty.

"When you live apart, you make time for sex—any minute you can get your hands on each other, you do," says Logan Levkoff, a sexologist and advice columnist.

They want to make sure this is the right person before they commit."And before they have to lug all those boxes back down 13 flights of stairs.