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Effective structures of composites on the basis of the epoxide pitch, with deformability demanded for the construction purposes are revealed.

The fuzzy microcontroller simulation model, implemented in Mat Lab Simulink with Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and results of simulation is observed.

The paper is of interest for postgraduate students and research advisers in automation of harvesting field of science.

This paper deals a automated of controlling the technological process of forming pellets of free-flowing finely granular material.

The presented control system provides the production of quality products by means of control of process parameters and control of technological equipment.

Considered and justified principles of the functional and structural organization of information-measuring systems of logic area, their role and characteristics of the networks multivariate monitoring with the ability to build and expand functionality.

The results of studying the influence of noise on the job iterative algorithm matching the angular three-dimensional images, defined as a group point objects.The authors developed space panoramic shooting model for inverse gridding problem.As input and calculated data for the shooting period, this model uses design characteristics of shooting device, elements of the spacecraft keplerian orbit, angular scanning speed of the head mirror, initial and final angles of the sight line, angle between the photographic film and the exposure slit, Greenwich coordinates of the points in the earth ellipsoid coordinate system.Navigation algorithm of unmanned aerial vehicle based on the quadrocopter was presented in this paper. The algorithm performs path planning of robot moving, allows to avoid obstacles and differs high performance.The paper considers the solution of the adaptive control the working bodies load and the path of motion of the grain combine based on fuzzy logic inference.The example of the description of work of control systems by electroautomatic equipment on the basis of system of temporary Boolean functions is given.