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To develop a working knowledge of foreign government tax information, visit

Many hope to date a sports star, actor or celebrity chef, but what about a CPA? CPAs are among the most intelligent in the dating pool. CPAs know the rules so well they’re good at finding loopholes and making them work for you.

While not the obvious choice, a relationship with a CPA offer can offer many spin-off benefits that are comparable, if not better than, dating the who’s who in Hollywood.

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This article compiles some of the most useful online tax resources, based on twenty tax-related questions every CPA has asked at one time or another.

There are three basic sources of tax information on the Internet: subscription-based websites (including e-libraries), online professional discussion groups, and specialty websites in taxation.

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Sifting through the Internet to find the answer to a specific question can be a daunting task.

The MDE/RCU Contact Information document contains the most recent MDE/RCU contact information for Career and Technical Education.

This document is updated regularly, so return frequently to ensure you have the most recent information.

Tax-related legislative information pending in the U. House of Representatives and the Senate can be found at the sites for the House Ways and Means Committee ( and the Senate Finance Committee ( along with the Library of Congress (https://