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Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: Not so long ago, the concept of ‘dating’ was considered strange in Cambodia.

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Nowadays you may come across traditional and modern single men and women in Cambodia.In other words, there are those who still follow the customs and those who have already adopted other cultures dating rules. In an informal situation, Cambodians will refer to an older man as (sister). Some Cambodians consider using only the family name impolite as that was the name of the individual's father, grandfather or ancestor.Plus, singles from bustling cities like Phnom Penh enjoy free online dating, as the way to escape from some prejudice that may still exist in the country.

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Rarely is the family name used by itself as Westerners do. The tradition has changed so that today, when people greet others in public they might use these titles to reflect differences in the social or professional class, and not only seniority or age. S., there is also Wat in many Cambodian communities. Here are some do's/don'ts when entering a Wat or interacting with a monk: In Cambodia even with so many changes, the respect of elders is still emphasized. S., on the contrary, the respect of elders seems to be declining, especially for the younger generation.

They are also widely used in a situation where one is not sure the age of other parties, in deference to one who may be the senior.

For example, older patients will often use one of these terms to greet their younger caseworker who is a professional at the hospital. Many parents are busy at work and children have less and less contact with other Cambodians.

Cambodians consider the head as highest part of the body and the focal point of intelligence and spiritual substance. Therefore, it is an extreme insult to touch or to pat an individual’s head. Westerners will be very appreciated and respected if they demonstrate respect toward the Cambodian elders.

Feet, on the contrary, are considered the lowest part of the body and unclean. Buddhist monks have played an important role in the Cambodian society.