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When custody is an issue, the questions might become a great deal more personal.An attorney might ask about drug or alcohol use, either recreational or chronic.

When rain, ocean waves or even wind thrash against a beach or rocky cliffs, they erode away at the Earth and deposits bits or rock, dirt and sand on the ground or into the air, a process called deposition.

The first effects of deposition begin with weathering, a mechanism which defines how rocks get broken down into smaller pieces like dirt and sand by the weather.

Generally, the attorneys involved already have a pretty good grasp of the facts and they’re looking for more information on certain issues.

They might use this information at trial, or as a guide as to where they should concentrate further discovery efforts.

A deposition is taken under oath, so if you lie, you’re perjuring yourself. They put the deponent at ease as he recites simple information, such as his date of birth, address and employment history.

If the deponent filed the divorce complaint, an attorney might ask him about the information contained in it, such as his grounds for divorce.

An attorney will probably try to find out who, if anyone, might be testifying on the deponent’s behalf at trial, and he might later want to depose those individuals as well.

Financial questions might be just as intrusive, but they are usually more specific.

Generally, if you are in a deposition, you should: If you are subpoenaed for a deposition, it is strongly recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney.

The other lawyer may not be on your side, and it is important for someone to be at the deposition who is looking out for your interests.

” An attorney might ask for the deponent’s interpretation of financial documents already in his possession, or if any additional documents are available that pertain to the same asset.