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I've been on the hunt for a comfortable, minimally designed, feminine and supportive bra without padding, flowers, lace or wires.

I took it as a challenge to find a bra for every setting.

The material is SO soft like butter, and my boobs stayed in place in my HIIT class because of its supportive, snug fit.

When I’m doing my burpees, I'm always a bit concerned about my nipples falling out of my bra (lots of those cute workout bras don't have enough coverage for me), but that’s not the case with this style.

There would be nothing wrong with that if my boobs were naturally cone shaped, but they're not.

There's something about this bra’s lack of support that makes my boobs sag. I got this bra in Europe, so I'm not sure if its available here in the US as it looks to be sold out most places.

I know you have to replace bras often, but for close to I want my bra to last at least a year!

I do love how Pansy is a woman-owned small business and the bras are made in the US, but I want the quality to improve before I buy another one.

Upsides: organic, small business, aesthetically pleasing design, colors options, made in the USDownsides: price, longevity, poor strap quality, fit I love this bra (I bought it in Germany in September on a whim) and wear it when I want to feel femme.

The bra has kept its shape and is sexy AF, but it makes my boobs look sag and become cone-like.

I love the bra’s color combo, although the dark straps and bottom band are visible underneath a light colored shirt.

When I wore it with a dark colored shirt, the shirt dye rubbed off onto this bra and now it’s stained. Also, for my bustier girls: I don’t think this is the most supportive bra, it’s more of a lounging-at-home sort of bra.

Boobs are a blessing, but fitting them into bras can sometimes be a curse.