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There are a number of ways you can find and choose a doctor in the Netherlands.

Before registering with a Dutch doctor, you can make a pre-registration appointment with them to assess suitability, ask questions and discuss your medical needs.

For residents in the Netherlands, the cost of visiting a doctor is typically covered by their mandatory Dutch health insurance.

You can register with a local doctor in the Netherlands as soon as you move.

Residents are free to register with any doctor in the Netherlands of their choosing, although Dutch doctors are permitted to refuse patients if they are fully booked or if the patient does not live locally.

Costs of doctors in the Netherlands are covered by health insurance, which is compulsory for all official residents.

Non-residents and temporary residents (those staying in the Netherlands for less than a year) can be exempt from taking out compulsory Dutch health insurance but will need to be covered by private medical insurance.

There are GP practices in all residential areas, as well as 24-hour provision available through primary care centres.

Treatment from specialists in the Netherlands is often performed in Dutch hospitals.

There are many English-speaking doctors in the Netherlands and most healthcare specialists speak English to a reasonable standard.

You can also see our guide to medical terms and body parts in Dutch for a list of words and phrases.

Embassies also typically publish lists of native speaking healthcare professionals in the Netherlands.

To find a doctor in the Netherlands, you can: To see a medical specialist in the Netherlands, you need a referral from a doctor and this will need to be sent to your insurer in order to claim a reimbursement of costs.

Visitors from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland on short stays can get coverage through their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).