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Most states are at-will employment states, which means employers can terminate a worker for any reason except for federally protected classes such as race, gender and religion. Domino's Pizza was forced to mobilize online against the food preparation allegations.

This happened at Domino's Pizza last year when a prank video became a You Tube sensation. The employees were fired and charged with delivering prohibited foods.

Another problem for companies, Uzzi says, is that social media makes false information difficult to dispel.

One disgruntled statement can fuel another employee to fire off his or her own complaints, he said.Once the complaints balloon, stopping the accusations become difficult, if not impossible."Information on Twitter and Facebook can spread like an infection disease," Uzzi says."You get this escalation, and it could create an avalanche of negative press." Uzzi explains there is a dangerous, magnifying effect when a complaint about work is made on Facebook.Ted Williams, who runs HR Management Consultants, has encountered a spike in the past six months in clients who complain social media is sparking fights between employees at work.

"It's incumbent on the company to state its position and administer its policies equitably," Williams said.About a quarter of employers surveyed by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics in 2009 had disciplined an employee for improper activities on social networking sites.But only 10 percent of companies had specific polices to deal with social networking sites, the survey reported.Employment attorneys say they expect the issue to be confronted in the courts.In a groundbreaking case last year, servers at a Houston's restaurant launched a password protected My Space group where they vented about work.(CNN) -- One by one, the office Casanova dated several of his female co-workers at a small technology firm in California.