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After a short summer break one of the busiest months of the year is coming up.

Children are back to school, their parents are back to work, and September turns out to be packed up with many interesting industry events and parties.

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Ruth, one of the most trusted names in psychosexual therapy, is coming to Shout!

Ruth, a livestreaming event featuring favorite episodes of The Dr. Ruth covers today’s sex, dating and relationship topics.

I was definitely the one trying to make it happen.” Given the incestuous nature of A-list relationships and the various challenges of dating while famous/very attractive, it makes perfect sense that stars are dipping into the dating pool.

These potential partners are among a select group of people with a very specific profile: someone who won’t show you up on the red carpet, but who has also met Beyoncé (people who have met Beyoncé can’t date people who haven’t met Beyoncé. All in all, this celebrity relationship phenomenon is actually super predictable and semi-sensible—just as long as these slumming stars always remember that Carrie Fisher did it first and did it better.

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