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The majority of bars and discotecas in Colombia play what's known as “crossover” music.

This simply means the DJ's mix up the popular genres of Latin music, including: salsa, merengue, vallenato, reggaeton, bachata, and cumbia.

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Dancing is central to the Colombia nightlife experience.

For the guys, reggaeton music is easy to dance to — just ask the woman to dance (bailamos), or slide up next to her and she'll do the rest (if she's interested).

For foreign women, even if you're use to inviting guys to dance in your home country, it's not normal in Colombia, and the Colombian guys might feel uncomfortable if you approach or ask them.

To get the most fun out of your nights, take a few salsa lessons ( – /hour for private lessons).

Colombians are polite, and most will dance with someone when invited (out of proper etiquette).

It's not unusual to see girls out partying with their sisters, cousins, aunts and moms.

At the start of the night (9 – 11 PM), everyone will be inside the bar or discoteca drinking and talking within their social groups.

Otherwise, Wednesday and Thursdays offer ladies night at certain discotecas, which can help bring out the locals.

Friday nights are popular, however Saturday nights are the busiest nights of the week.

Colombia nightlife offers something for everyone, from sipping mojitos in the plazas of old Cartagena to dancing the night away in the salsa clubs of Cali.