Dating gay male hairdressers

Interestingly, these men do not require luxurious shops to steal the hearts of customers.

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Whilst visiting my hairdresser this morning, we got into a conversation whereby I discovered that his eldest son is now training to follow in his fathers footsteps.It wasn't until I arrived home and sat down with a cup of tea, that I began to think more into this.This leads me to sitting here pondering over the question as to why this should be. Would I be so wrong in saying, that you would think only another woman would know and understand exactly what style, cut, colour etc. It wasn’t just the fact that it was a guy who did my hair; he did the finishing in a way that by the time he was through with the closing, you would have thought I was wearing a wig if I didn’t tell you it was weave-on,” Alade said.

In all fairness, while most women spoken with spoke in favour of male stylists, we however ran into a young lady with a different opinion.Odia recounted: “This guy has a very beautiful shop close to my area and behaves as if he is a thorough professional.I actually had not met any of his clients before giving him a try. The stitches were already falling out in less than one week and the centre part was looking very wide.” Odia’s grouse was worsened by the fact that she had to pay twice the amount she spends usually on fixing her hair.I think these guys have studied hair making and seen where female hairstylists are missing it.” To Alade, the fact that these stylists are also of the opposite sex brings in a whole lot of advantages because “They imagine you’re a girlfriend whom they want to look beautiful and then they pick the best style and colour that suits your face.They tell you if a centre or side part will suit you better or not.When you talk of dread locks; whether natural or artificial, we beat them to that.