Dating hall shame

It is there that, in December of 1980, an attractive twenty-something church secretary named Jessica Hahn got to know Jim Bakker and John Wesley Fletcher -- in a Biblical sense.

And that close encounter of the threesome kind defined American televangelism.

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Denver-based radio shock jock Bob Larson is the Dennis Rodman of televangelism.He doesn't get the stats or recognition he deserves, but he has more than made up for it in balding hypocrisy.Jimmy is enjoying God's anointing on his life, and a veritable blizzard of blessings (including a fleet of Mercedes Benzes) -- irrefutable evidence that God endorses legalized prostitution.Here, we pay respects to those aging stars of televangelism who might not have achieved legendary status, but have made significant and lasting contributions to their profession's lawyer-like reputation. "Pat" Robertson is the undisputed Michael Jordan of televangelism.It is therefore no surprise that Smith has been a long-time director of BOB LARSON'S ministry.

: For a local pastor to earn "urban legend" status, he has to do something pretty spectacular.Ole Anthony, Tilton had ordered prayer requests sent to him thrown in the trash -- before they were even read.And he ought to know: he dug some of them from the dumpster of Tilton's Tulsa bank.Smith refuses to ask local businesses for a pastor's discount ... The good reverend was actually convicted of shoplifting condoms from a local grocery store -- and he certainly had a need for them.According to a 1989 ruling by Texas District Court judge Catherine Crier, he was having extramarital affairs with church members who came to him for marriage counseling.Swaggart was immortalized by his tearful televised confession ...