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The first time I ever received a text message was about five years ago. "Um, no." "Well, let me teach you," he said enthusiastically. " By the time I took my phone out of my purse, he was able to take it from me, press a few buttons and show me the text he'd just sent me.It was from a 30 year old guy who I'd met a couple hours earlier at a get together of a mutual friend. It read, "It's Will." He then leaned in really close (which was sexy) and showed me how to return the text.

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You can confront the issue head-on and either address it or move on.Actions, rather than wallowing in self-pity, are the key.How much of your angst over not hearing from him is based in your ego?You might have been looking great and your flirtations may have been inspiring, but if he is not interested and has moved on, is it so bad to not hear from him?But I have to be honest, there really was something that felt impersonal about dating someone and communicating only via electronic methods. HOW they say something, the way they laugh, or their passion on a certain topic is how you really get to know what's in their heart. It's a huge time saver, it's succinct, it can be really sexy.

Plus, it's nice to have written things saved if it's a text that means something to you. After a bit you may get angry and start downplaying the attraction, perhaps even criticizing him. Now your brain is replaying the date and the first thing you are examining is what you may have done wrong.We live in informal times; people just don't dump a bad first date with a follow up call.There may be a little bit of vanity in assuming he will call and if that has slipped over into a case of narcissism; anger, resentment and eventually self-loathing may result.There are both benefits and negatives to both electronic communication and to spending time on the phone.