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Backup: Once Terry his After the mission Hit The him and he will send two (armed) gangsters that will follow Johnny until they (or Johnny) are dead (Now That's loyalty).

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He will take you to a predetermined location that you choose (i.e.You can't tell him to land anywhere you want him to).Doing activities with Little Jacob, Brucie Kibbutz, Packie Mc Reary, Clay Simons, Terry Thorpe, Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas count toward 100% completion (except from Roman Bellic, Dwayne Forge and Jim Fitzgerald don't). There are 10 Friendships in GTA4, GTATLAD and GTATBOGT there are up to respect and like for Brucie, Clay, Armando, Roman, Terry, Packie, Jim, Henrique, Dwayne and Little Jacob to Unlocked of Special Abilities from after the in the beginning... There unlocked special abilities from text messages from niko bellic.Except Roman, Clay, Jim, Terry, Armando and Henrique when a sleeping Call back at the Time when then sleeping. there are friends Do Not Count for 100% completion for Roman and Dwayne cannot to be a Killed.Complete the "Shadow" Mission Little Jacob is awake from 1pm-4am.

Don't call him before he is awake because he will lose respect and like for Niko.

There are up to ten possible friends to do activities with throughout the game.

Once you get a friend's "like percentage" high enough, then it will unlock there special abilities (The respect stat has no influence on unlocking special abilities).

Complete the "NO.1" Mission Brucie is awake from 7am-1am.

Chopper: Once Brucie's like stat is up to 75% call him and he will fly to the closest location to you and get in his helicopter.

Also, don't go to the meeting with any wanted stars because Little Jacob will leave as soon as you to get there because, as in real life, the gun running is illegal and he doesn't want to be a caught.