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The stream entered the Mersey at Bank Hall, an important building in the history of Kirkdale.

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This school was another state-run institution, for the teaching of ‘pauper’ children, and stood on a site to the north east of the Gaol.

It opened in 1845 to the designs of Lockwood and Allom, and was considered an attractive building at the time (some illustrations show a rather palatial-looking building).

This was called Bank Hall, and the ‘Old Hall’, which gave its name to Old Hall Street, was left to the family’s Lady Dowager to live in.

The Old Hall continued in use until the 19th century, although it passed into the hands of the Stanley family as the fortunes of the Moores waned.

While Kirkdale was still an open landscape, a large gaol was constructed, incorporating a courthouse.

Eyebrows were raised in Liverpool around the need for such as huge house of correction, which was said to be able to hold the entire population of Liverpool at the date it opened (1818).

Bank Hall itself was a moated house, with a causeway between two lakes giving access to the building itself.

It stood on the corner of what are now Bankhall Lane and Juniper Street, although the roads have seen some reshaping in the intervening years.

Up until that time John de la More had owned a house – Moore Hall, first mentioned in 1236 – in the north part of the town of Liverpool.

But the family began to acquire lands in Kirkdale, and eventually built a new home out there.

When the need for such institutions fell out of favour in the 20th century, the building became the Kirkdale Homes for the Aged and Infirm, and were eventually taken into ownership by the council and Hospital Board.