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ECKART is one of the leading international manufacturers of metallic and pearlescent pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the printing industry, the plastics, lightweight concrete industries and the cosmetics industry.Das Amt für Kinder- und Jugendeinrichtungen informiert: Den Ferienpass gibt es ab dem 27.5.2018 nur noch online zu erwerben. 2018 in den Kieler Büchereien und im Ferienpassbüro. An diesen Tagen findet kein regulärer Unterricht statt. Ebenfalls festlich hergerichtet verbrachten so sehr viele Oberstufenschüler/-innen der KKS und von anderen Schulen sowie einige Lehrer/-innen einen unvergesslichen Abend, an dem getanzt, gesungen, fotografiert und sich bestens amüsiert wurde.

A contact was established to both Republican and Nationalist harbours without discrimination and refugees taken aboard were passed on to one of the 26 merchant vessels chartered for evacuation purposes.

The international operation involved the use of 62 such transports.

At the time of the disaster no special state of alert was in effect aboard Deutschland and the AA guns were probably not manned - a grave omission after the warning in Mallorca a few days previously.

Situation was under control and allowed Deutschland to weigh anchor and sail for a rendezvous with Admiral Scheer off Formentera.

The two searchlight masts were replaced by a platform for four searchlights on the funnel.

Radio aerial outriggers were installed at the rear of the funnel cap.

The purpose was to participate in an international humanitarian operation of bringing refugees to safety.

For recognition purposes the two main turrets were painted with black, white and red stripes as was the other ships participating in this and later international operations around and in Spain.

In time, therefore, it would become apparent who was supporting whom.

Deutschland returned to Wilhelmshaven and docked for a refit.

The leaking aviation spirit caught fire in the area of the Senior NCOs' mess. The second bomb had a devastating effect, penetrating as far as the "tween" deck at Frame 116, the ensuing explosion and fire destroying the upper deck between Frames 94 and 145.