Dating marriage and autism a personal perspective

I worry that my child isn't going to find love, since he struggles with friendships.He's an Aspie, and says he wants to have a girlfriend. I don't worry about sex, since he doesn't date, but maybe he will. I am not the best person to answer questions about relationships.

Some have said they simply don't think about relationships.They have friends, but they don't really think about married--and you will--just know this: there is hope.Question: You and your wife seem to have a good relationship.We never could have predicted we'd feel that way when we were first starting out together.

After I was diagnosed, however, the fact that we were experiencing these marital problems seemed less surprising.

It was my wife Kristen, a speech therapist who had worked with autistic children, who was most suspicious about my behavior.

After we were married and living together, she started noticing little "things" about me that were consistent with Asperger Syndrome, a mild form of autism: impaired social reasoning; persistent, intense preoccupations with certain interests; unusual rituals and behaviors; and clinical-strength egocentricity.

We didn't talk very much, because if we did, it usually led to arguments.

We felt hopeless, sad, and confused, the way people do when they've lost their best friend.

I learned how to manage my behaviors on my own and be a better husband.