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Tip a girl , , or more, depending on how much time you take with her when you aren't buying dances or rooms.

It's common etiquette and completely reasonable to pay us for our time. Please stop soliciting us, and don't get upset and whiny when we refuse to be prostitutes.

When you try to say ‘Hi’ to someone and they immediately throw a hand in your face, interrupt you mid-introduction, or literally tell you to go away before you have the chance to finish your sentence, it's infuriating." Most men would never just grab on girl on the street, but once they get into a strip club, way too many forget that consent still exists.

"Come in, buy a beer or well drink, get in one dollar bills, and give every girl who comes on stage one or two dollars. If you don't wanna buy dances, or can't afford it, the least you can do is tip each girl. Never sit at the stage unless you plan to tip, continuously.

If you don't have cash, back away and let someone else enjoy the show." Strippers aren’t prostitutes, and they’re paid for their time.

"It happens everywhere, but most especially in New Orleans," Thick says.

"I have danced in Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, and New Orleans.

If that’s you, there’s no need to take it out on the entertainers, who are literally just trying to make sure everyone has fun.

"So many times, a group comes in, and there’s that one miserable ‘anti-strip club’ guy, who will be a complete jerk to any girl who attempts to talk to him," Thick says.

"There is never any reason to be rude when we initially approach you.

We want to talk and spend time with customers, to help make sure everyone is having a good time.

I'll even let him watch me give her a dance." You don’t have to spend a ton of money to be a good patron, but you should prepare to spend a little, especially if you’re taking up prime real estate by the stage.

"There is a simple way to have a good time and not spend a lot of money," Melody says.

Most cities like to keep their sexier sides relegated to shady side streets, where tourists won’t spot them unless they’re looking super hard.