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and could you please tell me your name, I just couldn’t catch it,’ the chirpy call centre worker asks.

We believe every business is different with different needs.

We customize our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

With respect to the Infinity Broadband, I believe I must get you connected immediately to the Infinity Order Management Team.

Miss Davies, I would like to connect you to the relevant team.’Eventually someone answers and the whole charade is repeated again, until I ask to speak to a supervisor who assures me he will deal with the problem — then leaves me hanging on the line for 15 minutes before I give up and sob gently.

Only occasionally will you be lucky enough to connect to someone you can understand. I have nothing against international call centres and honestly do not care who I speak to, be they from Manchester, Manila or Mumbai, as long as they are equipped to resolve the issues.

Of course I am far from the only BT customer to have this experience.But I’m cautiously hopeful that now we’ve rattled the MD’s cage, we’ll eventually see some action.Of course, it would be unfair to single out one company for this scandalous national deterioration in service.In the event, it has been a monumental task which has so far taken four engineers — although all but one haven’t actually bothered even to attend my property.Initially, an engineer was booked to come at the end of August, although no one explained why we would have to wait so long.Country: AU GENDER: F State: City: Perth Email | Send Flirt | Add to Favorites About me: I am looking for a guy that likes to have fun and just want to have sex. I'm married to a wonderful husband but i caught my husband cheating on me...