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Conversely, in her music video for "Playa,"she is adorned in pink, rhinestones, glitter, and a tiara.She does her nails and makeup, and sings, a melodic departure from her unabashed rap flow.Separates can work just as well, and you may find this the best route to get a perfect fit and to customize your style.

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A semi-formal dress is a great choice for any event that calls for wearing cocktail apparel.

Real Simple magazine points out that "cocktail dresses are always in style." According to Drink, most cocktail dresses are knee-length, though some are a bit longer, and are designed to wear at a cocktail party.

Cocktail dresses are more elegant - and sometimes more sexy - than dresses designed for more casual occasions and often have special touches like beadwork or rhinestones.

If your legs are one of your best assets, you may want to consider a dress that is a bit shorter than a cocktail dress.

What is his/her financial background (blue collar/white collar/middle)?

Most manicures start out the same way, with some people choosing the basics and others opting for more creative options.

When asked how she amassed such a large audience, she is notably nonchalant about the 872k followers she currently has on Instagram, saying, "My pictures would go viral, just having photoshoots and stuff, getting my hair done, just being pretty.

And then everybody would want to copy me, get my hairstyle or want to get what I'm wearing." In fact, it was via the Internet that she created her stage name, which was originally a name she made up on Twitter.

Palazzo slacks made from a flowing fabric like chiffon are a great style that pairs well with many dressy tops appropriate for cocktail occasion, though any flowing, wide-leg trousers can work for cocktail events.

If you're wearing a long tunic, you could also opt for dressy skinny pants in a coordinating shade.

Look for fitted or tunic styles with details like beading or lace and sexy shoulder cut-outs when shopping for special occasion blouses.