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Written in an accessible style that is typical for Thubten Chodron, the author provides generously vivid examples from everyday life.

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As a French teacher (Romanist), he has worked in secondary education.He translated books published by Kunchab Publishing, working to establish an interfaith dialogue in traditions, disciplines and Western institutions.We should not force the issue, but there can be much harmony if you find someone you are meant to be with.The trouble is that with all the noise and distractions in the world today, finding that special someone can be a challenge, to say the least.The topic is extremely important and presents a very rewarding Buddhist approach.

" -Mark Eyskens, Minister of State "A remarkable work with relevant comments and criticisms " -Drafting M & O Management in Tijdschrift voor Onderneming Frans Goetghebeur chairs the Buddhist Union of Belgium and has been associated for over twenty years with the Tibetan Institute of Schoten and Huy.If you need a manual to overcome anger and live with more tolerance, love and forgiveness, I highly recommend this book.Finding compatibility in a partner should be the hallmark of every Buddhist's journey through life.This little book, if nothing else, makes a modest contribution to the debate on these topics. "Interesting work, raising important questions." - L.Decio Eizirik, director of the laboratory of Experimental Medicine, Free University of Brussels "An excellent contribution, both from the content point of view and the form.Stadt/Versorger Jeder Versorger hat sein eigenes Unterforum. Sollte ein Versorger noch nicht vorhanden sein, dann bitte direkt unter "Stadt/Versorger" einen Thread anlegen.