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“Every website had to make that decision for themselves because they knew they would be open to liability under this law; Craigslist now faces the same potential liability as any other website based on user-generated content.”Similar websites like Cityvibe, Night Shift, Touchbyvenus, Myscarlettbook, Providingsupport and Southern GFE have shut down completely in the past three weeks.

Like the often unquestionably bad sex to be found there, at least Craigslist existed for its own sake.”“I fucked a Marine on the couch in his family room,” says Dan, 32. I don’t discriminate on age so all are welcome to hit me up (daddy types are killer in my book, but I like ’em all).“It allowed people to communicate without the hassle and embarrassment of meeting in clubs and bars.”For example, Cameron offers a sample of his typical post: LOOKING FOR FWB / JACK BUDDY Hey fellas. Not into games though and not into anything unsafe.Unlike Facebook or Google, however, Craigslist has always been simple to a fault, refusing to employ advanced AI to root out problematic posts.To some extent, Craigslist can shut down its personals because it has a business model that exists outside of the section, explains Josh Millard, moderator of the community blog Meta Filter.S.-based ads; Erotic Review — the “Yelp of the sex trade” where men rate their experiences with sex workers, some of whom are trafficking victims — shut down ad boards in the U.

S.; Google, Paypal and Word Press removed commercial sex-related ad sites; Reddit announced users couldn’t use the site to “solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services”; and — a free furry personals website dedicated to “helping furs find other furries as friends or as mates” — notified members that they could no longer operate as a free service due to liability concerns.

I was still mostly closeted, clinging to the scraps of my fleeting heterosexuality and looking for someone similar — ideally a college lacrosse player home on summer break, which is why I marketed myself as a “straight preppy jock who NEVER does this.”It definitely worked.

Within minutes, my inbox would be peppered with a half dozen Dave Matthews fans — likewise claiming to be “totally straight” — lining up to deepthroat my Dancing Nancy.

I was an early enthusiast of the Craigslist M4M personals section when it arrived in New York City in the early aughts.

I’d recently broken up with my college boyfriend — the only man I’d ever had sex with — and was eager to expand my horizons (anonymously, of course).

“Businesses that are fundamentally dating/hooking sites and apps don’t have that option,” he tells me.