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Understand that in a relationship you will be influenced and you will "lose" part of yourself.

They don't care whether you are happy as long as you do your duty to propagate the species. Are you subject to your body's programming with no ability to choose a successful partnership? What should you do to keep yourself from giving into your hormone's message to just mate with any man you are attracted to? Understand your values so that you can seek someone who has similar ones.2.Know yourself well enough, especially your drives, dreams, life goals, so that you can seek someone who will enhance them, not trample them.3.I don’t have time to play games.” But sometimes we don’t make ourselves 100 percent clear, and in the end, we end up waiting for the other person to make the move that tells us whether we should keep waiting or whether we should head back to (kidding! So how do you know when you’ve been relegated to such a place? When you have been burned before, the fear of getting hurt again can sometimes prove overwhelming.And oh yeah, they let you know that you’re “just the friend.” But when you’re put in the gray zone, you’re not the girlfriend/boyfriend, nor are you “just a friend.” You’re just there.

In fact, you’re just around, going over to his house, waiting on his phone calls and pretty much “talking,” but with no firm statement of what the hell you two are, are what you’re doing. A lot of the crap that comes with ending up in the gray zone can be resolved if early on, you tell someone your intentions and make sure they get it: “I’m looking for something more.

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There’s a difference between finding yourself in the “friend zone,” and finding yourself in a “gray zone” when it comes to dating.

You may actually have great values and make wonderful decisions in every other area of your life.

They don't really care if you meet the man of your dreams. It is not easy, which is why so many women get involved with men who are totally inappropriate for them.

Rather than connecting multiple times a day, ignore some of those impulses and instead just enjoy having a crush, suggests Lynn Harris, relationship expert and author of “He Loved Me, He Loves Me Not." If you feel the desire to call but have already spoken that day, call a friend instead until the desire passes. When you are caught up in a whirlwind romance, the idea of cohabitation can just seem natural.