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But I had always wanted to try it, and a friend offered me Skoal Apple out at a bush party about a year ago so I have it a go and loved it.I usually just do it when I'm drinking though. To be honest I think smoking is worse than dip or chew, but I guess it's tolerable.If most people would've considered it a good moral when the work was made, but Society Marches On, it's Values Dissonance or Fair for Its Day.

Everyone knows the Stock Aesops: Be Yourself; appreciate what you have; people are more important than things; follow your dreams.

Sometimes, these morals contradict each other, but nobody is surprised to see any of them in a story.

All in all, try to keep presumptuousness to a minimum in interpreting what the story's message is.

Compare Clueless Aesop and some cases of Unfortunate Implications. "You now have a chance to get out, and if you don't take it, you're just a puppy who cowers when someone takes the leash off, proving to everyone you really are a meek, obedient house pet.

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"Family-Unfriendly" does not necessarily mean "wrong": the lesson may be both true and well-supported in context, but it frequently jars the audience since they weren't expecting it.

After all, most shows, especially ones aimed at children, teach viewers that they should help the less fortunate, be modest, and solve their problems without coming to blows.

Nor is it the same as Broken Aesop, wherein a show contradicts or otherwise undermines its own (again, usually family-friendly) moral.

Due to Values Dissonance, a moral that is family-unfriendly in one culture may be very family-friendly in another, especially morals about social mores or civil rights.

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