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Now you’ll be wondering why this detail is so important.Let me remind you how the humble terracotta changes into a priceless Italian ceramic.Jones cheerfully addresses all these topics, in a warm, self-deprecating manner we’ve yet to see from him on The X-Factor.

That is what we try to do at https:// the web site I set up together with my best friend Manuela, also a lover of quality pottery.

About one year ago Manuela and I decided to step change our professional lives and turn our passion into a real work.

Wer sie noch nicht gesehen (oder schon wieder vergessen hat), sollte sich die beiden Streifen ruhig nochmal zu Gemüte führen, es lohnt sich!

Zum Auftakt dieser großen 3-Länderreise durch Namibia, Simbabwe und mit Schwerpunkt Botswana erleben Sie die legendären Victoria Wasserfälle.

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The glaze however gets quite sticky during the firing. Sometimes it is still possible to detect the marks of the long pincer the artisans use to glaze their pottery: it’s two tiny dots usually positioned near the rim of the pieces. Italian ceramics are always hand painted and if you look at them closely you will be able to see the single stokes that contribute to the beauty and artistry of your piece.

That is why the clever artist makes sure that his or her fine Italian ceramic pieces are not in touch during the firing and carefully removes the glaze from their base. You will never forget the emotion of a close look to a Renaissance portrait and will find it hard to believe that those colourful, lively characters are painted with no more than 4 or 5 colors. If you are passionate about Italian ceramics, though, I have a suggestion for you which goes beyond technicalities.

In the meantime if you wish to start your own collection of fine Italian ceramics, buy from a reputable dealer.

Someone who is willing to tell you more about the piece than just its price, who is happy to spend some time to educate you, who knows the name of the artist and offers a clear return policy.

My suggestion is: look at as many Italian ceramics as possible.