Dating the aquarius man

when we met i was cool and detached, but kept a big smile on my face.after 6 weeks he suddenly out of the blue text me, but i did not answer until the next day and even then i was afraid of being hurt again, so i kept my replies very short and blunt. it turned out to be a fabulous evening, he was great company.

If we've slept with you and seem distant, than all it was was sex.

We're fine with being friends, just don't be awkward.

To answer Hope's question...first of all, because we're MEN, silly!

Oddly enough I miss those things about him but it was interesting to know that my speculation was on the money. That was very informative, I just met an aquarius man online 2 wks ago we have been talking non stop literally, even while he is at work, very suave and everything that was mentioned was hit right on the head. i had an aquarius guy after me and i found him irresitable.

I am an aquarius woman and I met an aquarius man in June and we started talking and talking and a few weeks later we were dating.

We have continued to communicate in a way that I have never communicated before.

now he tells me he loves me and loves having me as his girlfriend, that is music to my ears!!

saying all that he is a very proud man and likes to say what does and what does not go. we were made for each other We Aquarians are generally aware of ourselves. We will get callous and mean very fast, and once we dig in our heels it's a battle you'll never win.

Hi, great comments folks - im aquarius and 2 months into dating an aquarius man. he leaned in a little, the totally leaned out and was like "bye" and that was it. Don't let him fuck you over, he thinks your hot but it trying to burst your ego, or come across cool. Listen, it doens't matter what you look like to an aquarian man as long as you are cool and sexy.

Im more than happy to give him space, i like my own space too - but does the aloofness improve with time in a relationship - or am i going to go through periods constantly of his being extremely distance and at times non existant lol Appreciate your experienced advice on this one .. i swear, hes been acting so weird lately, he doesnt seem to want to talk anymore. He is friendly to everyone accept when in a bad mood so if he is shitty to you its because he likes you. date someone else, go out, have fun, be cool, not a wall flower or clingy. And you also broke the cardinal rule of going to the family... You have to know it yet be demure, can you do that? Look I know we are hard work, believe me I know that. I have dated loads of guys but I didn't care about them I was bored- don't judge me what am I supposed to do stay at home all day reading Proust?

Both of us are in a committed relationship with our own problems.