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What Does Medical Science Know About the Infectious Basis of Mental Illness?Is The ``Russell Body'' the Forgotten Clue to the Bacterial Cause of Cancer?Similarly, books like The Virus Within: How Medical Detectives Are Tracking a Terrifying Virus that Hides in Almost All of Us by long-time ABC World News Tonight and Nightline correspondent Nicholas Regush have helped bring mass public attention to the idea that hidden pathogens are in many cases wreaking havoc on our bodies, and that many of the diseases and disease complexes once thought to have no known cause are indeed being caused by microbial infections.

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Why Are Germs from Hospitals Now the Fourth Leading Cause of Death Among Americans?

Why Are Drug-Resistant Germs From Hospitals Now Spreading Into the General Population?

Are Chronic Hidden Infections Causing Clogged Arteries? Is the Human Papillomavirus Causing Cancers of the Head and Neck?

Is a Cancer-Causing Virus Injected Into Millions of Americans in the 1950's and '60's Now Quietly Wreaking Havoc On Our Bodies?

Is Cytomegalovirus Infection Causing Post-Surgical Diabetes in Transplant Patients? Is There Even More Evidence Linking Viral Infection With Risk of MS? Coli Slowly Infecting Humans Through the Food Chain? Can Psychiatric Illnesses Be Caused by Hidden Infections?

Is More Than 52% of Stomach Cancer Being Caused by H. Can Mosquitoes and Biting Flies Be Passing Infectious Microorganisms to Humans and Causing Chronic Disease? Is a Herpes Virus Triggering Multiple Sclerosis in Many People? Are Slow Acting Bacteria and Viruses Simply Wearing Us Down?

Many of these insidious ``stealth pathogens'' work just below the level of immune system ``awareness,'' ever so slowly and stealthily wearing down the body's defenses over long periods of time…hiding when the immune system is triggered…and coming out to conquer more ground when the immune system has been weakened.

Though it is unlikely you will ever hear about it from your doctor, the truth is, a great number of books have already been written on this fascinating subject.

Are Mycoplasmas Bacterial Infections a Cause of Asthma? Is There Any Real Medical Evidence of Nanobacteria as a Cause of Chronic Disease?

Are Bacteria from Root Canals Secretly Causing Degenerative Diseases of the Heart, Eyes, Lungs, Kidneys, and other Organs? Can Hidden Infections Be a Major Cause of Mental Illness?

A number of cutting edge medical doctors, researchers and scientists have slowly been coming to a startling conclusion: Many of today's most debilitating and sometimes deadly chronic degenerative diseases for which medical science cannot find an underlying cause, are actually being caused by hidden, long-term infections, or are otherwise being triggered by the long-term deleterious effects of pathogenic microorganisms on the human body.