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Profile #3: Alpha Wolf You’ll have to believe me when I say I’m a 8.5. Instead of the muscle route, we went with the “high class” business photo: Profile #4: Vince Lin One of our cherished Asian model / actors, Vince Lin was supposed to represent the epitomize of Asian looks and an “Asian 10”.

Or was it a representation of another more advanced being with strange characteristics, maybe wearing a mask that in the mind of an ancient person would remind them of a lion?We know that many similar representations seen in statues of the past resemble beings in strange suits that could be interpreted as being of extra-terrestrial origin.Hypothesis: Tinder is racist* *Fix: Tinder results are significant influenced by race (statistically significant Profile #1: King Booth King is relatively normal white guy who we consider good looking.He does’t have the coolest picture, just pics with his friends hanging out Profile #2: Prince Caspian You may recognize Cas from the PUA community – we needed his pic to test out the “girls like guys with muscle” theory.At first glance, the sculpture appears remarkably similar to an Egyptian statue.

Originally the statue was carbon dated to be more than 32,000 years old.We should also test half Asian models like Daniel Henney.Profile #5: Harry Goodwins One of the top rising male models of our time, Harry is the traditional good looking all American model with a European bone structure. mortal data and also to compare him to Vince Lin, our Asian model counterpart.Some scientists have suggested that the Lion Man could be linked to shamanism and the spirit world.Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black.This means that village-life involved some kind of social system in which different roles were allocated.